Green Cooling Tower Solutions
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We create innovative solutions for the lifeblood of your process.



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About Us

Green Cooling Towers (GCT) was created to provide a simple, yet powerful tool for industrial plants to improve efficiency, and on a larger scale, to help reduce the world’s energy consumption by targeting the plants that consume the most energy. We produce a patented and proven industrial cooling tower designed to run without electric motors, eliminating the need for costly electrical engineering and infrastructure, routine maintenance of the motors, and most importantly, the cost of powering the motors. GCT is currently transitioning out of 4 years of research and development in a real world industrial plant and into international sales and distribution of a true “green” technology that can have a significant and immediate impact on the bottom line of our customers.

GCT is a Louisiana company looking to revolutionize the cooling tower industry both domestic and international. We target power plants, oil and gas refineries, chemical plants, paper mills, steel mills, and even consumer goods manufacturing plants. We can and will show plant managers and owners that our cooling towers are not only the best technology in the market, but also the most affordable.